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Creston_Vision_25Creston Vision Clinic's mission is to provide a full spectrum of high quality vision services and products customized to the individual patient. With this in mind, Creston Vision Clinic provides an array of Optometric service in the areas of contact lenses, low vision, pediatric and geriatric care, as well as treatment of injury, foreign body and other eye health problems. We also offer many optical products including fashion, sun, safety, and sports glasses, all supported by an in-house finishing lab. Surgical and other Ophthalmology consult services are also available at Creston Vision Clinic provided by Des Moines Eye Surgeons.

If you are new to our website, we invite you to explore and discover all there is to learn about your vision.

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Creston Vision Clinic | Creston, IA
D.E. McKim, O.D. • K.D. Stults, O.D.
800-525-1665 • 641-782-7619